Mozilla Developer Day

Has the increasing popularity of alternative browsers such as Mozilla Firefox caused your visitors to complain that your web site is broken? Come see me at Mozilla Developer Day on August 6th in Mountain View California where I will be giving a talk on "How to Improve Web Site Compatibility Using Mozilla". [ 2004-07-22, Modified 2004-08-09 ]

Common JavaScript Warnings

Mozilla's JavaScript warnings are an extremely useful tool when looking for difficult to diagnose bugs in web pages. This article discusses several common warnings and explains why you should strive to eliminate warnings from your code. [ 2004-07-21, Modified 2004-08-02 ]

Common Web Site Error Messages

Looking for an explanation of a JavaScript Error message you have discovered when testing your site? Try these common errors culled from my search engine logs. [ 2004-07-19 ]

Mozilla-based Spiders Version

Web Spider applications have a multitude of possible applications ranging from search indexes, web site quality assurance testing to testing browser implementations. This article introduces an improved mozilla-based Web Spider application framework which can be adapted for many different uses. [ 2004-07-10, Modified 2005-12-14 ]

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