I’ve just pushed the most recent update of Spider to version

Spider is a simple change which adds compatibility for Firefox 11 Nightly builds.

Spider was an update which I failed to push to the web site but which was available from hg.mozilla.org/automation/sisyphus/spider. Sorry that I wasn’t more timely in announcing the update. Spider included significant changes:

  • Load handlers where changed from using useCapture true to false. This is I believe a better approach than what I have used in the past, but if you see any issues with pages failing to fire the load event please contact me.
  • CSpider no longer uses direct CallWrappers to detect page time outs. Instead, time out detection is now handled by the CPageLoader.
  • The CPageLoader’s initialization has been changed to include explicit references to:
    • the content element used to load the web page;
    • the callback function used to handle the load event;
    • the callback function used to handle page time outs;
    • the time out interval;
    • and the http responses observer.
  • The change to remove the singleton nature of the CHTTPResponseObserver was to allow the use of additional CHTTPResponseObservers which could be used in userhook functions. I found this very helpful when performing investigations of how the effect of a 2 digit rv: value in Firefox 10 might affect web site’s user agent detection of Firefox.

    Please let me know if you have any issues by contacting me at bob @ this domain. Thanks for using Spider, and I hope you continue to find it useful.