Autophone Status Update 2013-08-14

Device Issues

  • samsung-gs3-1, samsung-gs3-2 hung on Mochitest-Canvas requiring a battery reset.
  • droid-pro-1, nexus-s-2 hung on Mochitest-Canvas requiring a reboot
  • nexus-one-2 suffered another sdcard failure

Update: 10:00AM PT

nexus-s-2 continues to hang running the Mochitest-Canvas tests. After 3810 Passed, 121 Failed and 105 Todo tests, while executing /tests/content/canvas/test/test_drawImage_edge_cases.html, the Mochitest runner’s iframe reports “The proxy server is refusing connections”.

samsung-gs3-1 hung the entire device on Mochitest-Canvas again requiring a battery reset. The device appears to be stuck and overheating. Will allow it to “rest” for a bit before returning to service.

Update: 2:00PM PT

samsung-gs3-2 appears to be stuck and overheating and draining the battery. Will allow it to “rest” for a bit before returning to service.

Server Issues

After nexus-one-2 was unable to communicate its status after the sdcard change and reboot, I restarted the autophone server. There appears to be a latent bug related to pulse message timeouts which appears to disconnect some devices.

Autophone Status Update 2013-08-12

Device Issues

While I was traveling last week to the Automation and Tools work week, droid-pro-1, nexus-s-2 and samsung-gs3-1 had issues requiring reboots and/or battery resets. The phones are back up and attempting to work through their backlogs.

Framework Issues

Bug 870876 – Create a remote mozrunner class for b2g caused a run-time error with the older version of mozbase the autophone server was using which caused the Mochitest-Canvas tests to fail with ImportError: cannot import name DEFAULT_PORTS. Updating mozbase on the server fixed the issue on Wednesday 2013-08-07.

Mochitest-Canvas with SkiaGL

Bug 902462 – Enable SkiaGL on all Android GPUs, not just NVIDIA landed Thu Aug 8 04:13:48 2013 PDT. Need to investigate failures before and after landing to determine the effect of enabling SkiaGL. Resolving Bug 893611 – Enable Autophone Mochitest Canvas tests with SkiaGL as fixed.

Autophone Status Update 2013-08-02

  • nexus-one-2 Found dead sdcard; replaced 07:59AM PT

    The last failure for this device was on 2013-07-20

    Update 09:21 AM PT – The device failed to run tests due its failure to locate the test root on the new sdcard which resulted in failures to install new fennec builds. After a factory reset and the re-installation of today’s SUTAgent and Watcher, the device appears to correctly place test root on the sdcard and is now running tests.