Browser Detection Part Doh! (will I ever learn?)

Recently, I wrote about browser detection complaining about vendor/version detection strategies…

While converting my old “Your browser is out of date” messaging on this site from using a page redirect to an in-page message div, I realized that I had messed up my own browser detection for the latest released versions of Gecko-based browsers. doh!

It just goes to show that detecting vendor/version is problematic and should be avoided unless you have a very good reason.

If you are interested in the code, you can check it out. Let me know if you find any errors in this version.


I did a quick release of Spider last night to support loading it in Thunderbird. No other changes were made.

Unfortunately, the update mechanism didn’t work so I will need to figure that out and post a new version. If you know what I did wrong, I would appreciate hearing from you.

I am seeing strange behavior when loading Spider into Thunderbird’s preview pane where Spider automatically reloads itself many times very quickly, so there will be an update soon which will hopefully fix the issue.