My shell account at Dreamhost was compromised and this site was vandalized. It appears this was a wide spread event and a number of other sites hosted at Dreamhost were affected. If you have an account at Dreamhost, I recommend you change your passwords for your shell and email and check your web content for modifications.

I’ve cleaned up the mess (I think). Although as far as I can tell the Spider.xpi was not modified, I have generated a new version of Spider to force an update to any Spider users.

Firefox and Thunderbird testing – Script Framework

The latest installment of my automated testing saga is now available at Script Framework. This outlines the components that I have been using in automated testing and provides an example where a build is downloaded, installed, a profile created, an extension installed and a simple test that the extension works is performed.

Firefox and Thunderbird testing –

Benjamin Smedberg wrote to point out which looks like a much more robust tool than I’ll check it out as a replacement for in my framework as soon as I finish the first round of documentation I have been supposed to write about my test framework since … like … forever.

Spider and Firefox automation

Spider has been updated to version This update includes minor changes to the default output messages Spider issues as well as the ability to load browser chrome in addition to normal web pages. I’ve made a kludgey attempt to automate Firefox which simultaneously illustrates the possibilities and pitfalls of this approach. If you are a XUL hacker and have suggestions on how to improve this approach, I would really appreciate your feedback.