Autophone Status Update 2013-07-20

  • nexus-one-2 Found dead sdcard; replaced 11:50AM PT

    The Kingston 4G Class 4 cards continue to fail. I have a number of them remaining, but will place an order for microsdcards equivalent to those used in releng tegras and pandas.

  • nexus-s-1 Found wifi disabled; reenabled 11:40AM PT.

    The wifi router relocation didn’t solve all of the wifi disconnection/disabling issues unfortunately.

  • nexus-s-2 Found Firefox hung, SUTAgent dead; restarted SUTAgent.

    nexus-s-2 continually suffers low memory conditions running the Mochitest-Canvas tests which results in Android killing off many processes which leaves the phone requiring a restart of the SUTAgent. I don’t know why nexus-s-2 can’t recover while nexus-s-1 can.


  • 16:30 PM PT – Power outage resulted in server restart.