Autophone Status Update 2013-11-01

droid-pro-1 and nexus-one-2 sdcard change

nexus-one-2 (00_23_76_96_cc_6f_nexus-one) and droid-pro-1 (c8_aa_21_ac_0c_b5_droid-pro) appear to have difficulties with the new SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I. I have reverted back to the old Kingston class 4 4G cards on these devices. I have also discarded the older jobs which were pending so as to not confuse the graphs with a mixture of sdcards.

Any apparent regression from 2013-10-31 to 2013-11-01 for these two phones should be disregarded.

Kingston class 4 4G cards

I went through the older Kingston cards and performed a disk verification and repair using my Mac Book Pro’s disk utility. Those cards which could not be repaired have been removed from the active inventory. I will attempt to use the remaining cards in the devices which can not reliably run using the newer SanDisk cards. If a device appears to have issues with accessing the sdcard, I will attempt to swap in another and will move the offending card into an ‘unreliable’ category.

New Phones

I received a number of phones from Haxxor Canada and am in the process of bringing them online to help partition devices between the s1s2, canvas SkiaGL and regression testing.

New Phones
Phone Type DNS Name Device Name Notes
atrix-4g mb860 atrix-4g-1 40_fc_89_4c_95_3f_atrix-4g cyanogen mod7 – Android 2.3.7, new SanDisk sdcard
htc-sensation-4g htc-sensation-4g-1 18_87_96_a7_89_70_htc-sensation-4g Android 2.3.4, new SanDisk sdcard
htc-sensation-4g htc-sensation-4g-2 c0_3f_0e_ba_5f_34_htc-sensation-4g Android 2.3.4, new SanDisk sdcard, Rooted but unable to reboot via SutAgent.
sony-experia sony-experia-1 5c_b5_24_b6_7d_1f_sony-experia Android 2.3.4, new SanDisk sdcard
droid droid-1 a4_ed_4e_59_6c_b2_droid Android 2.1, new SanDisk sdcard
droid-pro droid-pro-4 98_4b_4a_13_01_84_droid-pro Android 2.3.3, new SanDisk sdcard
nexus-one nexus-one-3 90_21_55_09_87_95_nexus-one cyanogen mod7 – Android 2.3.7, new SanDisk sdcard
samsung-gs2 samsung-gs2-4 14_7d_c5_af_c8_e3_samsung-gs2 Android 2.3.5
samsung-gs2 samsung-gs2-5 04_46_65_fd_2f_e1_samsung-gs2 Android 2.3.4
samsung-gs3 samsung-gs3-3 38_aa_3c_1c_f6_94_samsung-gs3 Android 4.0.4